We appreciate your support!

Donate Now

As a way to show our appreciation for your support, if you donate $100 or more you will receive your choice of a To The Nations t-shirt or a handmade Ugandan Rosary. If you donate $175 or more, you will receive both. 

If you sponsor a house, you will receive:

  • A To The Nations t-shirt
  • A handmade Ugandan Rosary
  • A handmade brick from the construction of the house
  • A photograph of the completed house.

Your Donation Makes a Difference:

  • $25.00 (Clothe a family of 8 )
  • $ 100.00 (Feed 14 kids for 1 Year)
  •  $500.00 (Stock a health clinic with medical supplies.)
  •  $1,000.00 (Feed 140 Kids for 1 Year)
  •  $1,500.00 (A family gets a brick home.)