their are many ways you can join us!

There are different ways to be part of the mission?  To respond, you may do so through Facebook, the website or email the founder,

Be a prayer partner.  Follow us on Facebook and learn what we are doing. Pray for that part of the mission.  You may even "like" it or comment on it.

Become a financial partner.  You can donate monthly through your own bank.  You may donate through the DONATE option on the website.  You can mail a donation to" TO THE NATIONS 593 KANUGA STREET HIAWASSEE GEORGIA 30546

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You can say YES to being a companion missionary on one of the mission trips.

Mission trips are tentatively scheduled several months in advance.  This is to secure the lowest possible airfares and to enable the many months it takes to facilitate a mission.  Actual dates sometimes will vary by a day or two due to flight changes.  For 2019, this is the plan:

January 26-February 2 Haiti #28

March 1-10 Uganda #18

May 16-24 Colombia #3

June 13-24 Uganda #19

July 18-29 Uganda #20

August 15-26 Uganda #21

October 21-30 Colombia #4

Cost and expenses

The cost of mission trips is airfare + $1100.  The $1100 covers in-country transportation, lodging and meals and materials necessary for carrying out the mission such as medical supplies for a clinic, construction supplies for building houses, soup kitchens, wells, piggeries, chicken projects, etc.  (Airfare for Haiti and Colombia is about $700-800, for Uganda about $1600.



The experience!

The experience for everyone who goes on mission is life-changing.  Whether we admit it or not, we all come from a pretty healthy life style.  Not often have we been starved, homeless, without access to clean water or education, etc.  When we enter a developing nation, we begin to realize how good we have had it so when we return home, we look at things a whole lot different.  Those whom we serve are so grateful for our yes to mission, but not just because of what we give them, but mostly because we came to be with them.  Their gratitude is worth more than what we give.  When we return home, whether or not we ever go on another mission trip or not, we will always "be on mission."  We find ways in our own country, home town, or even in our own homes to be missionary, to serve out our individual calls to mission.