SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM - When I was hungry you gave me something to eat

When TO THE NATIONS began this project, we were feeding just one school with about 79 students.  There were more eligible students in the area, but due to lack of food and vitality they did not attend school.  Even those who were enrolled in school had poor attendance and were tardy when they did attend due to fetching contaminated water for their families. Now in our 5th year, we are providing a daily meal for over 5000 children in villages schools where we have built soup kitchens and dug walls or water lines.  No longer are children required to walk miles before going to school to fetch water during which time children were raped, defiled and kidnapped.  No, instead, they are attending school regularly with near perfect attendance and few tardies and with excellent performance reported on National Exams.  This program cost about $7/year per child in addition to the construction and equipping of a school soup kitchen and the addition of an easily accessible clean water source. To assist each village in become self-sufficient and independent, over the next 5 years, each village will be provided with a piggery, a chicken project and raised bed gardens to provide food for the children as well as income to allow TO THE NATIONS to decrease its financial support and to move on to assist other villages.

Meals are provided:

St. Henry Kiwaala

St. George Butale

St. Sebastian Kyengerere

St. Augustine Bulando

St. Barnabas Mugambajja

St. Luke Bukakkata

St. Jude Kayijja

St. Joseph Lwannunda

St. Lawrence Kasaala

St. Kizito Gayaza

Street Kids of Masaka

Papa's House